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Teachers and Administrators Award Online Application Form 2022 Modalities on Application and Selection Process for the 2022 Sosu’s Best Teachers Award 1. INTRODUCTION The second Sosu’s Best Teachers Award is being launched today 18th November 2022 with the object of raising the prestige of teachers and administrators deserving public recognition, working in Basic and Higher Secondary Schools in the Madina constituency. The Teacher’s Award has been in existence in the constituency and run by the Municipal Education Directorate on traditional lines without any major prize recognition. As part of the Working Policy Document on education, the blueprint of the Office of the MP, he promised to run a four-year best teachers award scheme for teachers in the constituency. The MP’s vision to provide quality parliamentary leadership differently, led to the creation of the Madina EDUScheme, which is the Education wing in the Office of the MP responsible for all the educational needs of all schools and students in the Madina constituency. The Madina Eduscheme is therefore charged to carry out this all-important assignment on behalf of the MP. To make this exercise very professional and devoid of political influence, the MP requested that the application and selection process should be made fair for all prospective teachers in the constituency. He, therefore, asked that the CEO reach out to professionals in academia to help in selecting the best teacher for the constituency. In this second edition, the number of awards has been categorised as follows: I. 6 Awards 4 best teachers and 2 administrators II. 2 Awards Long service award for meritorious teachers III. 2 Awards Long service award for meritorious administrators IV. 2 Awards Recognition for project heads 2. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA a. Classroom teachers with at least 4 years of regular teaching experience, who are working as teachers in recognized primary/ higher secondary schools only are qualified to apply. b. Educational administrators, Circuit Supervisors, and Head Teachers are eligible to apply as administrators for this year’s award. c. Only teachers who had the requisite years of teaching experience and are able to follow the online application process will be eligible to apply. d. Applicants who successfully apply through the online process have to pay an application fee of GH₵60.00 for their documents to be process to the next stage 3. MAIN CONSIDERATIONS FOR APPLICANT TO THE START OF THE APPLICATION PROCESS: a. Applicants’ qualification certificates (the least qualification should be first degree in education in any field) b. Teachers’/Administrators reputation in the local community; c. His/her academic/administrative efficiency and desire for its improvement. d. His/her genuine interest in and love for students e. His/her involvement in the social life of the community; and f. Teacher’s/Administrative general contribution in the local school where he/she teaches 4. PROCEDURE FOR APPLICATION: Applications for the Madina MP’s Teacher and Administrators Award will be evaluated based on an initial set of criteria. a. The application will be received via online where applicants will respond to some set of questions and with all the necessary attachments through the link https://www.madinampeducationproject.com/teachers.html. The applicants shall provide evidence of the following online: 1. Certificates and awards received 2. Recommendation of a teacher’s achievements from headteachers 3. Provide evidence of some innovative and effective instructional practices from your teaching. 4. Provide evidence to demonstrate student learning outcomes in the classroom 5. Provide evidence of debates to the teaching profession by either through writing articles, books, media participation, social media campaign and so on. 6. Provide evidence of contribution to the community. 5. SELECTION PROCESS STAGES The selection process shall follow the following phases • Initial screening All applications received via the online process will be screened against the requirement for the procedure for application. All applicants who meet the initial screening process shall qualify for the next phase • Supervision All short-listed applicants from the initial screening process shall be given a date where the selection committee visit them in their schools to supervise their classroom activities. The requirements for this phase shall be duly communicated to applicants before the visit so they are not taken by surprise. After this phase applicants who qualify shall move to the next phase; • Interview In the final phase, all qualified applicants shall be interviewed to select the final 4 best teachers and 2 administrators for the 2022 best teachers award. If you are facing any difficulties in completing this form, contact the office of the CEO on 0208634900 Applications sent through email will be disregarded; all applications must be made through the online form. COMMITTEE MEMBERS 1. Prof. Abu Yaya – Chairman (HOD Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UG) 2. Mr. Kean Adjei Appiah – Member (Municipal Director of Education, Madina) 3. Prof. Raymond Dziwornu – Member (Dean Faculty of Accounting and Finance, UPSA) 4. Mr. David Odjidja – Member (Head Master Presec, legon) 5. Dr. Gladys A. Nabieu – Member (Senior Lecturer, UPSA) 6. Dr. Agbanyo Richard – Member (Lecturer, UPSA) 7. Dr. Hasiya Abubakari – Department of linguistic, UG 8. Mr. Joseph Winston - President private schools, (Madina, Circuit) 9. Mr. Emmanuel Owusu – Secretary

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